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                          Foundation programmes
   Foundation- One-year intensive university preparation course that is designed to lead to acceptance onto a degree course at university. Successful completion of the foundation course ensures guaranteed entry to a degree course.

  The course is designed for school graduates who have relevant level of the English language (required level differs depending on the university chosen- usually IELTS 5.0). The course consists of core academic modules (Maths, English) and a choice of different subject routes in different academic areas: Business, Finance & Management; Engineering & Computer Science; Humanities, Media Studies & Psychology; Information Technology & Computing; Law; Science & Pharmacy; Art & Design.

  Upon completion of the IB programme, you will be able to send your application for the degree course to up to five universities and after receiving the offers choose the right course for you.

Diploma Foundation 

  This programme is an advanced one-year course of study equivalent to the first year of an undergraduate degree. It provides you with the relevant academic knowledge, study skills and English language proficiency to succeed as a second-year degree student. Together with the academic knowledge the programme also develops practical skills in different academic areas: Business studies; Management; IT; International relations; Tourism etc. Thus programme gives the in-depth preparation in the area chosen.

  Successful completion of the Diploma Foundation ensures progression into the second year of an undergraduate degree at a UK university, so by taking this intensive course you will save your time and money.
  The compulsory entry requirement for Diploma Foundation programme is IELTS level 6.0.

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