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INTO University Based Study Centers 

INTO London – World Educational Center - http://www.into.uk.com/uk/en-gb/our-centres/into-london.aspx

Kaplan International - http://www.kic.org.uk/pathways/


University of St. Andrews - http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/

University of Exeter - http://www.exeter.ac.uk/

University of Reading - http://www.reading.ac.uk/

University of Eastanglia - https://www.uea.ac.uk/

Manchester Metropolitan University - http://www2.mmu.ac.uk/

Queens University Belfast - http://www.qub.ac.uk/

Canterbury Chris Church University - http://www.canterbury.ac.uk/

City University, London - http://www.city.ac.uk/

University of Essex - http://www.essex.ac.uk/

Hult International Business School - http://www.hult.edu/

University of the Arts, London - http://www.arts.ac.uk/

The University of Law,Birmingham, Bristol, Chester, Exeter, Guildford, Leeds, London Bloomsbury, London Moorgate, Manchester- http://www.law.ac.uk 




Kaplan International College

University of York 

International Study Center

NAVITAS-Universities and Colleges   

Birmingham City University International College (BCUIC)-www.bcuic.navitas.com

Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC)-www.cric.navitas.com

Edinburgh International College (EIC)-www.eic.navitas.com

Hertfordshire International College (HIC)-www.hic.navitas.com 

International College at Robert Gordon University (ICRGU)-www.icrgu.navitas.com

International College Portsmouth (ICP)-www.icp.navitas.com

International College Wales Swansea (ICWS)-www.icws.navitas.com

London Brunel International College (LBIC)-www.lbic.navitas.com

Plymouth University International College (PUIC)-www.puic.navitas.com

University of Northampton International College (UNIC)-www.unic.navitas.com


Kings Education

ONCAMPUS  University Partners 

Boarding Schools

Abbey College (Malvern) - http://www.abbeycolleges.co.uk/

ACS Cobham International School (Cobham) - http://www.acs-england.co.uk/

Ackworth School (Ponterfract- West Yorkshire) - http://www.ackworthschool.com/

Alexanders International School (Near Woodbridge) - http://www.alexanderschool.com/

Basil Paterson College - http://www.basilpaterson.co.uk/

Bishopstrow College - http://www.bishopstrow.com/

Barnard Castle School (Durham) - http://www.barnardcastleschool.org.uk/

Bedstone College (Bucknell -Shropshire) - http://www.bedstone.org/

Box Hill School (Dorking) - http://www.boxhillschool.com/

Brooke House College (Market Harborough-Leicestershire) - http://www.brookehouse.com/

Bromsgrove School (Bromsgrove) - http://www.bromsgrove-school.co.uk/

Buckswood School (Hastings) - http://www.buckswood.co.uk/

Calderdale College (Halifax) - http://www.calderdale.ac.uk/

Cambridge Regional College - http://www.camre.ac.uk/

Collingham (London) - http://www.collingham.co.uk/

Culford School (Bury St.Edmunds-Suffolk) - http://www.culford.co.uk/

Christ College (Powys) - http://www.christcollegebrecon.com/

Dauntsey’s School  - http://www.dauntseys.org/

D’Overbroeck’s College (Oxford) - http://www.doverbroecks.com/

Davies Laing and Dick College (London) - http://www.dld.org/

Ellesmere College (Shropshire) - http://www.ellesmere.com/

Friends’ School (Saffron Walden-Essex) - http://www.friends.org.uk/

Glouecstershire College - http://www.gloscol.ac.uk/

Harrow School –BABSSCo *   - http://www.babssco.co.uk/en/html/Schools/harrow/

Howell’s School (Denbigh) - http://www.howells.org/

International College (Sherborne)  - http://www.sherborne-ic.net/

Kelly College (Devon) - http://www.kellycollege.com/

King’s Schools Taunton (Somerset) - http://www.kings-taunton.co.uk/

Kent College (Canterbury) - http://kentcollege.com/

London International Study Centre (Surrey) - http://www.londonisc.com/

Moira House Girls School - http://moirahouse.co.uk/

MLS international College - http://www.mls-college.co.uk/

Oakham School (Rutland) - http://www.oakham.rutland.sch.uk/

Pangbourne College (Reading) - http://www.pangbournecollege.com/

Padworth College (Reading) - http://www.padworth.com/

Queens College (Somerset) - http://www.queenscollege.org.uk/

Queen Ethelburga’s Private School - http://www.queenethelburgas.edu/

Ryde School (Isle of Wight) - http://www.rydeschool.org.uk/

Royal Wolverhampton School (West Midlands) - http://www.theroyalschool.co.uk/

Royal Hospital School (Ipswich) - http://www.royalhospitalschool.org/

Royal Russell School (Croydon-Surrey) - http://www.royalrussell.co.uk/index.php

Rossall School (Fleetwood- Lancashire)  - http://www.rossallschool.org.uk/

Strathallan School (Perth) - http://www.strathallan.co.uk/

Stover School (Devon) - http://www.stover.co.uk/

Stonyhurst (Lancashire) - http://www.stonyhurst.ac.uk/

St. Andrews Cambridge (Cambridge, London) - http://www.standrewscambridge.co.uk/

St. Michael’s College (Worcestershire) - http://www.st-michaels.uk.com/

St. Joseph’s College (Ipswich) - http://www.stjos.co.uk/

St. Clare’s Oxford (Oxford) - http://www.stclares.ac.uk/

St. Bees School (St.Bees - Cumbria) - http://www.st-bees-school.org/

St. Leonards- mayfield School - http://www.mayfieldgirls.org/netcommunity/

Taunton School (Somerset) - http://www.tauntonschool.co.uk/

TASIS American School In England - http://www.tasis.com/page.cfm?p=54

Truro School (Cornwall)  - http://www.truroschool.com/

Woodbridge School (Woodbridge- Suffolk) - http://www.woodbridge.suffolk.sch.uk/

Wrekin College (Telford- Shropshire) - http://www.wrekincollege.com/

Woodhouse Grove School (Bradford- West Yorkshire) – ttp://www.woodhousegrove.co.uk/choices  

Mander Portman Woodward - http://www.mpw.co.uk/

Harrow House International College - http://www.harrowhouse.com/



International Colleges

Abacus College & Oxford Language Centre - http://www.abacusCollege.co.uk/

Abbey Colleges (Birmingham, London, Cambridge, Manchester)/DLD College London - http://www.abbeyColleges.co.uk/

Askham Bryan College -  http://www.askham-bryan.ac.uk/ 

Bellerbys College (Brighton,London, Cambridge, London) - http://www.bellerbys.com/English/

Brooke House College (Leicestershire) - http://www.brookehouse.com/index2.htm

Brighton Language College - http://www.brightonlc.co.uk/
Cambridge Education Group:

Cambridge School of Visual and performing Arts - http://www.csvpa.com/

Stafford House, School of English - http://www.staffordhouse.com/

Cardiff College International -http://www.cci.ac.uk/

College of Richard Collyer (Horsham) - http://www.collyers.ac.uk/

College of North West London (Foundation Degrees, Higher National Diplomas, Higher National Certificates and Professional Qualifications) - http://www2.cnwl.ac.uk/

Gloucestershire College /Cheltenham Campus ** - http://www.gloscol.ac.uk/

Harrogate Tutorial College - http://www.htcuk.org/

International College Portsmouth (ICP) - http://www.icportsmouth.com/ 

Itchen College (Southampton) - http://www.itchen.ac.uk/

Kaplan International College London - http://kicLondon.org.uk/Pages/index.aspx

King’s Colleges (Bournemouth, Oxford, London) - http://www.kingsColleges.com/

MLS International College ( Bournemouth) ** - http://www.mls-College.co.uk/home.aspx

Oxford House College ( London, Oxford, Straford-upon-Avon) - http://www.oxfordhousegroup.com/

Padworth College - http://www.padworth.com/

Saint Michael’s College (Worcestershire) - http://www.st-michaels.uk.com/Summer_courses.php

St. Andrew’s ,Cambridge (Cambridge, London) - http://www.standrewscambridge.co.uk/

St Clare’s College, Oxford - http://www.stclares.ac.uk/index.php

Sussex Downs College  ( Eastbourne) - http://www.sussexdowns.ac.uk/

Taunton School & Taunton International Study Centre 2 * ( Taunton, London) - http://www.tisc.co.uk/one-year-Programmes/

Waltham Forest College(London) - http://www.waltham.ac.uk/

West London College - http://www.w-l-c.co.uk/courses.php 

Bournemouth Business School International - http://www.bbsi.co.uk/




Language Schools
A2Z School of English - http://www.a2z-english.com/

Manchester International College - http://www.manchester-college.com/

A Plus English (Sheffield) - http://www.aplusEnglish.co.uk/ 

ABC Languages Ltd - http://www.abclanguages.com/

Absolutely English Ltd - http://www.absenglish.co.uk/

Anglo European School of English/St Giles Junior Summer camps (Bournemouth) - http://www.angloeuropean.org/

Anglo- Continental Educational Group - http://www.anglo-continental.com/

Ardmore Language Schools - http://www.theardmoregroup.com/

BEET Language Centre* (Bournemouth) - http://www.beet.co.uk/content/

Bell Language School (Bell educational Trust Ltd.)(Cambridge, London, Kent) - http://www.bell-Centres.com/

Berlitz Manchester* - http://www.berlitzManchester.com/

The Bury Language School (Suffolk)* - http://www.burylanguageSchool.co.uk/

Bloomsbury International (London) - http://www.bloomsbury-International.com/

BBSI (Bournemouth) ** - http://www.bbsi.co.uk/

The Bolitho School Foundation (Cornwall) - http://www.ibolitho.co.uk/School.html

British Study Centers (London, Brighton, Oxford)* - http://www.british-study.com/

Cambridge Academy of English - http://www.Cambridgeacademy.co.uk/

Capital School of English (Bournemouth) - http://www.capitalSchool.co.uk/

Cavendish School of English (Bournemouth) - http://www.cavendishSchool.com/

CELT- Centre for English Language Training (Cardiff) - http://www.celt.co.uk/

Celtic School (Cardiff)*   - http://www.celticSchool.org.uk/

Centre of English Studies CES (Worthing, Oxford, London)   - http://www.ces-Schools.com/

Colchester English study Centre (Colchester)* - http://www.cesc.co.uk/

CERAN Lingua International UK *** Sherbourne Warwick - http://www.ceran.com/en/immersion-for-adults/Centres-formations/uk/presentation.php

CET Management Group- Twin Towers English College (London) - http://www.twintowers.co.uk/

Churchill House (Kent, Nottingham, Somerset, Surrey, London and Yorkshire)* - http://www.churchillhouse.com/

Concorde International (Canterbury)* - http://www.concorde-int.com/

Crest Schools of English (London) - http://www.crestschools.com/

Devon School of English* - http://www.devonSchool.co.uk/

EAC Language Centers (UK) Ltd. and activity camps* (Edinburgh, Hastings, London, Hampstead) - http://www.eac4English.com/

Edinburgh Language academy (Edinburgh) -= http://www.elacademy.co.uk/

Education ABC Oxford -http://www.educationabc.co.uk/

Elizabeth Johnson Organization (Haslemere, Bristol,Guildford,Reading) - http://www.ejo.co.uk/

Eden House College (London) - http://www.edenhouse.co.uk/

Edinburgh School of English - http://www.edinburghSchoolofEnglish.com/

EF International Languages Schools (Bournemouth, Cambridge, Brighton, Oxford) - http://www.ef.com/master/ils/destinations/united-kingdom/

English Language Centre, York - http://www.elcyork.com/

EC Central   (London, Cambridge, Brighton) - http://www.ecenglish.com/

Embassy CES (Brighton, Cambridge, St Leonards’ on Sea, London, Oxford) - http://www.embassyces.com/Schools/england.aspx

Euro Centers (Brighton, Bournemouth, Cambridge, London Central & London Lee Green) - http://www.eurocentres.com/

Excel College (Manchester) - http://www.excelenglish.co.uk/

Exsportise Ltd (ENGLISH LANGUAGE & SPORT PROGRAMMES Oundle School, Seaford College, Clayesmore School) - http://www.exsportise.co.uk/

ETC International College (Bournemouth) ** - http://www.etc-inter.net/

GEOS UK (Language Training Centers):

Globe English Centre -http://www.globeEnglish.co.uk/

Frances King School of English - http://www.francesking.co.uk/

Foyle Language School - http://www.foyle.eu/

Hampstead School of English - http://hampstead-english.com/

Hastings English Language Centre - http://www.helc.co.uk/

Harrow House International College * (Swanage, Dorset) - http://www.harrowhouse.com/

Harven School of English* - http://www.harven.co.uk/

The Heart of England Language School - http://www.heartengland.co.uk/

IP International Project Centre Exeter (Devon) - Teacher Training - http://www.ipcexeter.co.uk/

ISIS Study Centers (Greenwich, Brighton, Oxford) * - http://www.isisgroup.co.uk/

International House World Organization (Bristol, Belfast, London, Newcastle) - http://www.ihworld.co.uk/

InTuition Languages - http://www.intuitionlang.com/

Kaplan aspect ** (Manchester, Bournemouth ,Cambridge,Edinburgh,  Covent Garden, Leicester Square,  Oxford,  Torquay) - http://www.kaplanaspect.com/

King Street College - http://www.kingstreet.co.uk/

Kingsway English Centre - http://www.kingsway-English.com/

LAL Language Centres (Torbay, London) - http://www.lalgroup.com/language-School-england.html

Language In London - http://www.camdenCollege.com/

Language Specialists International (Cambridge,Hove. London) - http://www.lsi-International.co.uk/

Language Link School (London) - http://www.languagelink.co.uk/

The New School of English, Cambridge - http://www.newschool.co.uk/

Leeds languages (Leeds) - http://www.leedslanguages.co.uk/

LINES languages   (Downe House, Queenswood) - http://www.lines.ac/

Liverpool International Language Academy - http://www.Liverpoolila.com/

The Liverpool School of English * -http://www.lse.uk.net/

Living Learning English - http://www.livingEnglish.com/

London Empire academy - http://www.Londonac.co.uk/

LSBF School of English * - http://www.SchoolofEnglish.org.uk/

The London School of English - http://www.LondonSchool.com/

Loxdale English Centre - http://www.loxdale.com/

Language Studies International (LSI) (London Central, London Hampstead, Cambridge, Brighton, Chichester) - http://www.lsi.edu/

Mayfair School Of English - http://www.mayfairSchool.co.uk/

Manchester Academy of English - http://www.manacad.co.uk/

Manchester Central School of English - http://www.Manchestercse.co.uk/

Margate Language Centre (Kent) - http://www.mlcengland.com/

Melton College,York * - http://www.melton-College.co.uk/

Milner School of English Wimbledon - http://www.milnerSchool.co.uk/

MM Oxford Study Services - http://www.mmOxford.co.uk/

Northumbria School of English * - http://www.northumbria-School-of-English.co.uk/

OISE intensive language Schools (Oxford, Cambridge)* - http://www.oise.com/language_Schools/

One to One English (London) - http://www.onetooneEnglish.co.uk/

Oxford English Centre * - http://www.OxfordEnglish.co.uk/

Oxford House School of English - http://www.OxfordhouseSchool.co.uk/

Riviera English School (Torquay) - http://www.riviera-English-School.com/

Rands English Language Tuition (Calderdale) - http://www.randsuk.com/

Regent Language Training * - http://www.regent.org.uk/

Severnvale Academy (Shrewsbury) - http://www.severnvale.co.uk/

Suzanne Sparrow Plymouth Language School - http://www.sparrow.co.uk/?page_id=69

Southbourne School of English - http://www.southbourneSchool.co.uk/

Sprachcaffe International (Brighton, London, Devon) - http://www.sprachcaffe.com/English/landing_map_live_uk.htm

Stafford House School of English (Canterbury) - http://www.ceg-uk.com/en/English/

St Giles International (Brighton, Eastbourne, London Highgate) - http://www.stgiles-International.com/English-courses/locations/

Saint George International (London) - http://www.stgeorges.co.uk/

SUL Language Schools -http://www.sul-schools.com/

The English Studio (London) - http://www.the-Englishstudio.com/

TLI Edinburgh - http://www.tlieurope.com/                                                                 

Torquay International School - http://www.tisEnglish.co.uk/

Totnes School of English (Totnes) - http://www.totEnglish.co.uk/

TTI School of English (London) - http://www.ttiSchool.com/

Wessex Academy School of English * - http://www.wessexacademy.com/

Wimbledon School of English - http://www.wimbledon-School.ac.uk/

Winchester School of English (Winchester) - http://www.winchester-english.co.uk/

Victoria School of English (London) - http://www.victoriaSchool.co.uk/


Colleges marked with * also offer Summer courses for different age  groups.

Colleges marked with ** also offer proffessional courses (Certificate, Higher-Certificate, Diploma) in different fields.


Summer Schools


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